Wireless DMX RGB Light1 luminous suit size M



This DMX Light1 luminous suit size M is fully equipped. Its mini wireless DMX receiver enables you to remotely control it via a computer or a DMX console.

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The Lumiwear® Light1 jacket is the first luminous jacket in the world to be fully customizable and whose elements are all separable without having to use any tool.

Until now, the creation of luminous clothing was reserved for a few insiders or companies with significant budgets. It required a lot of time, technical manipulations (welding, electric connections, wiring...) and once finished the garment could not be removed and therefore it was impossible to wash.

Thanks to the Light1 led jacket this is all over. You are now able to design a led costume in a few minutes. You dont need any specific knowledge or tools.

This Light1 jacket with a mini wireless DMX receiver is fully equipped and ready for use. It includes:

  • 1 suitable RGB electric wiring
  • 2 two-outputs connectors
  • 2 four-outputs connectors
  • 1 4200mAh rechargeable battery with charger
  • 4 20cm RGB led tapes ready to install
  • 4 40cm RGB led tapes ready to install
  • 1 wireless DMX receiver dedicated to RGB

IMPORTANT !! To control your jacket you definitely need a wireless DMX transmitter with USB input or USB + XLR3 that will connect either to your computer or to your DMX console (both models are available in the "Accessories" section).

The DMX transmitter can control up to 170 receptors (jackets) at the same time.

This model is at the leading edge of technology. With your software or your DMX console, you'll be able to control one or more wireless jackets, simultaneously or independently.

The wireless DMX receiver is tiny, only 40mm long, 28mm wide and 25mm high. It is equipped with a mini wireless antenna with a range of about 600 meters in open areas and 30 meters in a hostile environment (through walls).

This complete outfit will allow you to create amazing performances which were so far reserved for a few insiders with significant budgets.

If you want to install more RGB led strip on your jacket it is perfectly feasible. You just have to choose your model, 20cm or 40cm, in the "Accessories" section. We remind you that all of our strips are already equipped with a connector and an appropriate fixing system. You only have to plug in the connector and install it. On your jacket you have 10 supply leads that you can multiply with our 2 or 4 outputs connectors for strips. You can lengthen your connections with our 50cm RGB extension cables or 1m RGB extension cables. The customization possibilities are endless.

We remind you that a basic knowledge of the DMX protocol is needed to use this item.

The technique and advantages:

  • The material used is light and elastic, allowing you to wear it without any difficulty or constraint for movements.
  • It is entirely covered with Scratch on the velvet side. These various elements are arranged in an ergonomic way so that movements are not hindered.
  • Cable channels are provided on the inside of the jacket in order to guide the electric cables toward the sides, shoulders and arms.
  • Ten electric connections are provided to supply your led tape or the lamp you chose. They supply the chest, back, shoulders, sides and elbows.
  • In the back you have four reinforced and communicating pockets, which allows you to accommodate different accessories such as battery, rgb controller...

The last thing you have to do is to design your led robot, luminous costume or safety jacket as you please. Here comes the Light1!

Possible uses:

They are many and varied. You can use it in a personal capacity for a party with friends, as well as for an event or a show.

But it is not limited to a festive use, imagine that you have to change a tire in the night. You will be perfectly seen and in addition it will light the area in front of you. No need to use a torch.

You work as a guide and it is important for you to be seen by your group, in the day as well as in the night. This luminous suit will be ideal.

You work as a fitness trainer and you want to liven up your class. Again, it will help you without fail.

In the end you can use it in a lot of different situations, from the world of show-business to the security field. In the midst of those fields there are a multitude of professions where its use would bring a real advantage.

Create and imagine!

Accessories available:

  • Led tapes: You will find single colored and RGB led tapes in two different lengths (20cm and 40cm). They are equipped with Scratch strip and ready for use.
  • electric wiring: two types are available and tailored to the led jacket. One of them is designed for single colored items and the other one for RGB color mixes.
  • Rechargeable battery: two models available, 1800mAh and 4200mAh. They are equipped with an on / off button and a charger.
  • Controller: flasher, blinker, RGB controller, wireless DMX transmitter, wireless mini DMX receiver... A full range of devices to meet all your needs.
  • Connector: double, quadruple, they allow you to realize your wildest projects.
  • Fastening: Scratch strip adapted to our led tapes. Sold per meter.

Select ones size:

This jacket is suitable for a person with the following measurements:

  • Bust size: from 92 to 96 centimeters
  • Waist size: from 77.9 to 82.38 centimeters
  • Hips size: from 94 to 96.4 centimeters

Lumiwear® is a Néon Flexible company's brand. The Light1 jacket is a registered design and is protected by French law. Any imitator or counterfeiter will be brought before the competent courts.

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