The Lumiwear concept :

The Lumiwear concept is simple, offer a complete and fully customizable range of light clothing.

The origin :

The first artists who brought light on their clothing, and the first to be publicized worldwide, were the "Black Eyed Peas". There had been other artists before them, which really or artificially, had brought light but it’s really at this time that the principle has been democratized. At that time there was no solution available that allows everyone to do the same. So we were the first to offer mobile products powered by batteries and can be used directly without manipulation. It was a success and we have been approached by so many artists but also more traditional companies who want to create luminous events. One of the first to have worked with us was David Guetta. We provided and developed a number of products such as luminous clothing, very special signs etc. for his world tour "Fuck Me I'm Famous". The machine was launched, and since that time we have never ceased to propose new simple and innovative solutions.

The finding and constraints :

Install light on clothing may seem simple but it is rather complicated. There are many different parameters to master :

  • What fixtures choose ?
  • How to power them ?
  • How to control them ?
  • How to fix them ?
  • How to create his own design ?
  • How to electrically connect the various elements ?
  • How to wash his clothing ?

And so on. It took us many times to answer these questions and find "customized" solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We specially manufactured Velcro tape to fix simply our LED strips, we proposed complete kits powered by battery, we introduced mini rechargeable batteries easy to conceal and proposed various radio frequency controllers in order to have a long-range signal. We had control all of these elements but we lacked the essential "The fully configurable, adjustable and dedicated in light clothing"

Solutions and the birth of Lumiwear :

With our experience, we had in 2012 the crazy idea of ​​starting our own range of light clothing. First we decied to design a jacket. He had to start from scratch and take into account the various parameters associated with this project.

  1. Choosing the type of light product with which we would work. We chose the LED strips, whether single color or RGB color change, especially for its power and its ability to be worked easily.
  2. Choice of power supply. It was obvious that we need mini rechargeable batteries.
  3. Choice of RGB controller. We selected a high quality radio frequency model with significant scope. And then we say, but why stop there? Then we worked on another project, the DMX wireless control. This protocol is used by all professional entertainers. After many months of hard work, it is now possible to control wireless, via a computer or a DMX console, one or more jackets separately or simultaneously.
  4. Choice of the fastening system. Again our experience has directed us to the Velcro. We have developed a special LED ribbon already equipped with this material and adapted the jacket. So that it is possible to change its infinite light design.
  5. Choice of wiring. We created two models. One for single color and one for the RGB. They were perfectly adapted to the jacket which has several electric arrived on the shoulders, back, elbows and flanks.

And finally, the most complicated step, manufacture of the jacket itself. It was necessary to take into account all the above points to offer the product we dreamed, accessible to everyone, not requiring knowledge or tools. The "Light1" model was born, and after more than 2 years it is marketed.

  • Lightweight fabric and elastic
  • 4 back pockets reinforced to accommodate battery and controller
  • Ducts arranged all along the column and the sleeve to maintain the electrical wiring
  • 10 electrical arrivals scattered throughout the jacket
  • 3 unisex sizes available M, L and XL
  • Many dedicated accessories: connectors 2 and 4 strips, extension cords ...
  • 2 types of LED strips designed to fit all body types
  • A reliable fixation and infinitely customizable

All fully removable to be able to modify and to wash his jacket.

Jacket "Light1" was born and is available in several models :

  • Retail for professionals who wanting to do their own wiring
  • Fully equipped single color (6 colors available)
  • Fully equipped RGB with radio remote control
  • DMX RGB wireless fully equipped and remotely controlled

And this is only the beginning ...

Lumiwear® is a trademark of Néon Flexible Company. The jacket "Light1" is a registered design and protected by French law. Any copying or counterfeiter will be legally sued.