• Led clothing Light1 by Lumiwear

    LIGHT 1

    Create your light jacket and change it as much as you like without any welding or tools. Simple and very fast !

  • Luminous Jacket Light1 by Lumiwear


    With our experience we gave birth to the Light1 jacket !

  • Customizable led jacket by Lumiwear


    Customize your jacket without tolls with our special LED strips developed especially for our Light1 jacket !

  • Single color or RGB led jacket

    OR RGB

    Choose the better model for your project !

  • Light jacket with wireless DMX or RGB controller

    OR RGB

    Our light jacket is available in different kits ready for use or retail for further customization !

  • OSBMX use our Light1 luminous jacket for their shows


    Kevin and Joris from OSBMX Team use our
    Light1 luminous jacket for their acrobatic
    shows !

  • Toï Toï band use our Lught1 jacket Lumiwear®

    Toï-Toï Band

    The french Toï-Toï band use our RGB LED light jackets. Follow them on

Lumiwear® a French brand and a concept of innovative light jacket. Create your own LED suit or LED robot!

For many years we have been working in the entertainment and events. We were the first to provide equipment for professionals and individuals, to create a robot or a LED light costume. We equipped artists like David Guetta with lights and created shows which require mobile solutions. We know how difficult it is to install LED on a tissue, to power it and after to wash the jacket. Based on this observation, we decided to create a unique garment requiring no tools, already electrically connected and customizable at will. The "Light1" jacket was born.

And if you want to offer a unique personalized photo lamp !

  • Led safety jacket totally customizable
    Our Light1 jacket is fully customizable. It is fitted on the chest, back and sleeves of specific Velcro. With this principle, and development of LED strips dedicated, you can change as many times as you like the light design of your jacket. Whether for an event, a party or in a safe environment, you will have the right light.
  • Light jacket fully equipped with led strips and battery
    Ideal for LED robot or clothing security, our jacket is fully equipped. It was specifically designed in order to make it accessible to everyone. We have developed a specific electrical wiring, fitted the jacket with 4 pockets for accessories and implemented a solution for rapid attachment of single color led strips or RGB led strips.
  • Led suit lightweight, removable and washable
    We know how important it is to be able to move easily during a show or a time when security is primordial. We used lightweight and elastic materials to facilitate movements. Fully removable, you can easily remove the electrical wiring, LED strips and accessories. This allows you to wash your jacket when you want.

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Lumiwear ® A unique French concept !

The first brand for light clothing

Our concept of modular vest is unique. With our experience in the entertainment we decided to make it accessible to the creation of robot led, suit or bright clothing. With our jacket you can easily create your own light design, no welding and no tools required. Simple, fast and very effective !