Photo Gallery of Lumiwear® Light1 jacket

RGB LED Light1 jacket used by Urikan Light :

This is one of the main uses of our jacket, stage performance. The entertainment and event are an ideal playground for Light1. This is one of the best French performer Urikan Light who uses it. He uses the RGB model that allows it to change colors with a simple radio frequency remote control that he holds in his hand. Very light and completely self, the jacket allows it to move effortlessly. He can, through our special LED strips and our tailored connectivity, change the lighting design of his jacket in seconds. And without any tools.

Luminous RGB Light1 jacket

Lumiwear led costume

DJ led robot

Changing colors led suit

Removable and autonomous jacket led Light1

RGB LED Light1 jacket used by Mass Lighter :

Another use of our jacket comes from the world of Light Painting. Here's what Mass , our light painter partner, created through it. He used his whole body as light beam. Alternating colors and movements it has created new effects and textures. The record is simply splendique and opens the way for a new use of light.

Jacket Light1 used in Light Painting

The movement created texture

Using LED Lumiwear jacket by Mass Lighter

A spiral of colors

A color projection

Lumiwear® is a trademark of Néon Flexible Company. The Light1 jacket is a registered design and protected by French law. Any copying or counterfeiter will be prosecuted before the competent courts.