20cm RGB LED strip with Scratch back and connector



This 20 cm RGB LED strip is ready for use. Its Scratch back allows you to attach it on the Light1 jacket in a second. Clip and fix it on!

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Special 20cm RGB led strip for Light1 jacket:

This led strip is specifically designated for the Light1 luminous jacket. With a length of 20cm, it is perfect for the arms and forearms but also to create specific designs. You can place it horizontally on the jacket, as well as vertically, diagonally or wrap it around the jacket. The possibilities are endless.

IMPORTANT!! It is used with the RGB jackets, the wireless RGB DMX or the retail RGB electric wiring.

Specific features:

  • Scratch back -You wont have to do any manipulation, the only thing you have to do is to place the strip on the jacket and it will be strongly fixed. This option is completely modifiable and therefore you will be able to change the luminous design of your jacket as many times as you like. Knowing that it is entirely covered with Scratch on the bust, back and arms.
  • Clip-in connector -On the Light1 jacket you already have 10 supply leads (that you can multiply with our 2 and 4 outputs connectors). Connect your led strip on the chosen output and create a unique luminous jacket. Its clip-in connector can only be unplugged by pressing it, thus any risk of disjunction during a performance is removed.
  • Color changes -With the RGB controller and its radiofrequency remote control, or the mini wireless DMX receiver, you can change the color of your jacket, modify its luminosity and launch some animations. Moreover, with the DMX system you will also be able to realize your own animations via a computer program or a DMX console.
  • Waterproof -It is resistant to water-sprays and covered with a PVC layer making it smooth to the touch and without any rough patch. This is very useful to prevent from snagging textiles or any other surrounding material.
  • Adaptable -You can cut it every 10cm with a simple pair of scissors. The trimmings are reusable by simply soldering a new clip-in RGB connector (see our tutorial about the connection of a led strip).
  • Black electronic circuit -It also perfectly fits in with your black jacket.

Lumiwear® is a Néon Flexible company's brand. The Light1 jacket is a registered design and is protected by French law. Any imitator or counterfeiter will be brought before the competent courts.

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